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Pregnant Traveler

When I found out I was pregnant, one of my first questions to the doctor was, "until when could I fly". At first there were no news and no one knew that I was pregnant. The flights were the same as usual. As soon as my belly started to come out, my preparations were different. I always asked for the "authorization letter" from my doctor, so I would not have any problems with the airlines. The best memory I have is from my trip to New York for Baby-Shopping.

When boarding the plane, I looked like a normal woman. I did not look pregnant. Something happened during the flight without realizing it: my belly bumped up. After a few hours, I just felt a little "fluffy," but I thought it was because I was sitting. When we landed, everything changed suddenly. The crew on the plane seemed to be dealing with someone else: they were three times more friendly!

I was surprised, because I had a big belly! My husband and I arrived in NY at the same time as some flights from China. There was a thousand people standing in line in front of us, and everything indicated that we were going to be there for hours. The policemen who were directing people, did not look in the best mood in the world. That's when a policewoman approached me asking if I was pregnant, to which I timidly answered "yes". My world changed! She asked me to go with her, telling me that I did not have to be there, since I was pregnant. I had become her best friend. I could not believe it! She placed us ahead of the thousand people and we were sent to a booth where there was no one. We saved hours and everything because of my incredible belly.

It was an amazing trip full of illusions and emotions. I discovered the power of a pregnant belly, it was the utmost.

From that trip on, I found some advantages of traveling pregnant, with belly. I discovered the power of a pregnant belly, it was the utmost.!

When you get off the taxi at the airport, drivers often offer to take you to the counter. Many times you skip the check-in row. They see you formed with your suitcase and they pass you forward or to another line. Once something amazing happened to me. In an airport, the boarding room was at the very end of the opposite side where I was and this meant a lot of walking. My pregnancy really made me feel tired. I went to the Priority Room to rest for a while. At that moment they saw me pregnant and they offered to take me in a wheelchair to the plane. It had not occurred to me, but I was really tired and with a thousand things to carry. When it was time to board the plane, they came for me with the wheelchair. Since it was a long distance, they called a small wagon and they put me on it. The only thing I saw was my flight companions who were left behind. I arrived perfectly at the boarding area. When we landed, a wheelchair was waiting for me at the door of the plane. Those are the times when you feel that you deserve this treatment! The fact is that when you have an advanced pregnancy, you can really get tired.

Another advantage is that if you get an uncomfortable partner, you only make "nausea face" and the problem is solved, ha, ha. Anyway, you have to enjoy the flights while you're pregnant, because later you will miss them ...

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