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Taking a break ... traveling alone, part 1

Talking with friends, moms of big and small children, nobody has traveled alone. It is typical: they travel with family, as a couple, as part of their work or with friends, but alone, alone, nobody does. When I told them about my experience, they saw me as weird, as crazy, and wonder why I thought of doing something like that. But when I told them about my experience, they saw that it was not a bad idea, on the contrary, it was having something they had not lived! Several signed up to do the same later. And it is unlikely that someone with a family (husband and children), may think of traveling alone. I did it, and I did it and I would do it again!

Due to coincidences of life, I was invited to participate in a conference in Miami. It was not from my office and it was a trip where I did not go with anyone I knew. At first I did not imagine myself there without anyone. Then I thought that I could use a trip alone, without a husband and without children, without schedules to comply with, without stress. So I organized myself to stay a few more days in Miami as soon as my event ended. I said goodbye to my husband and children with a certain nostalgia, but at the same time, with good adrenaline. I was very excited about the trip, since it was something totally mine and I should enjoy it.

The good thing about this started from the flight. How wonderful to have extra #Aeromexico airline miles, amazing! with a good upgrade to business. I love when I have a chance of flying in new planes, having everything I need at hand and trips are a thousand times more enjoyable. If I can, I see a new movie that I have not seen or one that I'd like to repeat.

Arriving in Miami, I ask for my #Uber and I admire the road as with eyes of freedom and amazement. After having finished my event and fulfilled what I had to do, now I can see the hotel with different eyes. I install myself and I make myself comfortable. Ready to go out! I review again my research of stores where I want to go, reviewing google maps, I check the key spots at walking distance from the hotel. This is where my logistics and organization skills make sense.

I walk as far as I can to know and live the streets, and take Uber to reach longer distances. I walk through the stores with total freedom, seeing, touching, smelling, buying, enjoying! I do not have a husband who tells me that he's already bored or tired children who already want to leave. And it's not that you buy and buy, it's the fact that you can see whatever you want at your own leisure. You don't care if you skipped the meal time. In fact, who thinks of eating when you can see stores, see novelties, things you do not normally see?

Maybe after a few hours and when you realize it's too late, you think you should eat something. Why don't you pamper yourself and look for something that you would deserve to crave? You arrive at the restaurant and order calmly. Again without anyone pressing you, or because you do not know what to order. You enjoy food and drinks, they taste like peace, like calm. And you do not feel bad, because you've also looked for things for your husband and children, so you're doing something for the family and you enjoy it.

In your hotel, you rest. You take a delicious bath, calmly. You turn on the TV, you lie back on the bed and relax. Of course, you call home to see that everything is in order, check that your children and husband are well. How did it go? Did they eat well? Have you already had dinner, have you bathed? Once you know that everything is in order, you are ready to sleep like a little angel. You know that,

that night, the bed will be for you alone and that you will not have children or husband who who may take off your blanket or wake you up at midnight. You plan your next day's itinerary excited about the places you will visit. It will be a great day!

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