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Traveling without my baby ...

Relaxing time

What a joy to have your baby! It's been 3 months already and you go back to work. Everything is going better tan in a dream. But one day, at the office, they tell you that it is necessary that you make a business trip. On one hand it makes you really happy: "What a great news that you were considered for that trip", and you see the positive side. Suddenly, you realize you have a little baby at home, and what will happen to it? "Am I going to leave my baby alone? Who will take care of it? What am I going to do with breast milk?" There are many mixed feelings.

As you get closer to the date, you get more sentimental and apprehensive. I cried a whole week before going on that trip. At last you solve the logistics of who will help you with your baby during your trip. Before getting pregnant or being a mom, you never thought about what would happen if one day you "are not here", but now that you are a mom, you are overwhelmed by thinking about your baby. "And if something happened to me, what would happen to my baby? What if I do not see it again?" You love that #baby so much, that you can not imagine yourself without him. This baby is everything for you and the idea of not being there for it terrifies you.

You have already "autotherapied" yourself and feel that you have controlled your feelings. The expected day of the trip, arrives!

In the morning, before leaving home, you say goodbye to your baby 100 times with a thousand kisses and hugs. You ask God to let you return with good results for your baby's sake and to take care of him. You say good-bye again. You get into the taxi or your car with your suitcase and your things while a piece of your heart is all broken. Some tears come out, but you try to control yourself.

You arrive at the office and you act super cool. Brave. You get on the elevator with your suitcase and someone talks to you. Obviously,if they see you with a suitcase, they know that you are going in a trip. And why not?, someone asks you about your baby? "And your baby, if it's so small, poor thing, who's going to take care of it for you? Poor thing!"

Fatal error!!! They shouldn't have made that tragic question. At that moment, all your courage went to the trash can. You are a sea of tears! This individual will remember all his life that that kind of comments / questions should not be made. The poor guy doesn't even know how to comfort you so that you to stop crying. He gives you a thousand apologies, but he has already moved a fiber that he should not have moved.

Time passes and you are ready to go to the airport. You breathe . All day, you have thought about your baby. Your are more at ease, but you keep thinking about him. You get on the plane and again you drop some tears. You breathe. You arrive at your destination and do what you had to do, and calm down, calling home or the person who is taking care of him every half hour. Anyway, the day goes like this.

When you finally arrive at your hotel, you enter your room. Suddenly you see a perfect bed. You take off your shoes and enjoy the feeling of walking barefoot with the peace of mind that there are no toys thrown around or anything that may get your feet dirty. Everything is perfectly arranged, clean, and in its place. There is peace, silence. You can not believe it. You breathe, and breath again and discover that your room has a special smell, like mint with citrus. You feel relaxed, like in the spa. You open the window of your room look at the sea in front of you. The best view. You sit on the chair; you raise your feet on the little table. You cannot believe you're there! Alone, without a husband, without children, without obligations, without the usual haste. You breathe. You still see your room and you find a jacuzzi or tub. It's 6 PM and your day is over. You realize that you do not have anyone to take care of, you do not have to wait for anyone, you're free! You are free and you have a bed for you alone, you have a jacuzzi to finally take a bath for as long as you want without anyone interrupting you. You think that now you are going to rest and what you most want is, to sleep early or just go to bed to read whatever you want or watch TV without anyone bothering you.

From that moment, you realize that it was not so bad to go on a trip alone and you appreciate this little break that life gives you. You wear gym clothes and enjoy your afternoon like never before.

When you return to your home, you come back happy and with your battery recharged. Ready for your next trip !!!!

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