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10 recommendations to move from "Working Mom" to "Stay at Home Mom"

For those of you who do not know, the last 11 months I had a change in my life. My 3rd baby was born,and I stopped working. So many things go through the mind that you can despair.

Before, when I worked for a company, I could not always go or pick up my daughters from their children's parties. Deep down I asked myself why the parties ended at 6 PM; why couldn't they finish a little later, or why many were held during the week. For us, working-moms, this is complicated us because we can't always leave our work on time, or because something comes up in the office and then you arrive at the party when all the mothers have left. The times I did get to the children's parties on time, listening to the talk of those moms who "do not work", I thought many things: "What would my life be like if I did not work? Don't they get bored, what do they do all day long?"

When you have always worked for a company, becoming a housewife can be a difficult process. On the one hand a shock, since you're used to doing a thousand things and on the other, you don't know if you're on vacation or how you're going to busy yourself all day.

I want to share with you my 10 recommendations so that this process may not be so traumatic and that you maketake it easy.

1. Give thanks to God. Enjoy your family.

It's true, things happen for some reason. Even if it is for a short period of time, enjoy your family. Enjoy being with your children, talking to them, or just listening what they have to say; of course, also playing more with them. Take them to all the children's parties and extra classes that you missed. They will love to see you there!

2. While things settle down, look for an activity: you have been a person of action.

Look for some activity so that you have an additional motivation. Something that you like or something that is hard for you and that you can do.

3. Do whatever you never had time to do.

You had a thousand photos without organizing? It's time to finally put them in order and make the albums you always wanted, but you didn't have time. Fixing something in your house or remodeling is a very good therapy. Give away the things you no longer use; help other people

4. Go out with your friends and relatives whom you wanted to see or talk to them.

Now, at least try to have those breakfasts with friends you criticized so much. You will see that it is a very good therapy to talk with other moms or friends and you will surely laugh as much as you did not imagine. Visit more your family, there is nothing like being with them!

5. Plan a trip. Alone or with your family.

This is what I like the most! Look for a place you would like to go to, the things to do there, and prepare your itinerary. Get the paper work reaady for vacations or trips. Your children will love going with you.

6. Learn something new.

This time is very good to learn something you do not know. It can be a language, or get into cooking classes, painting, some sport, masters, online course or whatever you want! I looked for something that I always hated: sewing. I bought a super machine and now I want to embroider even the dog's leash.

7. Exercise.

There is no excuse. Now you have time, so at least do half an hour of any exercise: Yoga, running, weight lifting, etc. At least, if you're going to be at home, make yourself look good. The best way to get stress out and feel super all day.

8. Don't become bitter. You decide if you want to be in a good or bad mood.

Some days I was in a bad mood. I was not used to this new life. Situations do not change so quickly, so if I can't change that, the only thing I can change is if I want to be in a good mood or feel angry. I'd better be happy and try to make the best in this situation. With anger, we gain nothing.

9. It is not a failure.

You may feel weird being at home after so much time working. This is not a failure, it is a life opportunity that must be valued. People are not worth more for their work, being at home is much more work than being in an office: this is real!

10. There are many jobs.

You may have emotional conflict if you liked your work a lot. But one day I heard something that did a lot of good to me. There may be a thousand Marketing positions in the world and thousands of candidates that can occupy them, but there is no one in the world for the position of Isabella's, Natalia's and Emilio's mother better than me.

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